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A satirical title generator for designers seeking a title apart from other designers.
Only one visitor is allowed in the exclusive website
A way to produce LARGE MESSAGES to send to your friends and coworkers.
Nobody has ever complained about it
Sad Web Design builds mediocre websites that ignore best practices, alienate customers, and reduce sales. We can help your bottom line stay near the bottom.
Follow these bland documents to always go unnoticed and be like every other Bland. Why stand out when you were born to fit in?
Meaty Placeholder Images. A simple way to use pictures of tasty meat as placeholders in your design. Just put your image width and height in our url and you'll get some meat.
For the ambitious business professional looking to get ahead in the industry. Dazzle all the execs at your next business meeting... Create your own corporate B.S. catch phrase!
If you’re an artist and have been slaving away for hours at your artist statement - and it’s still going nowhere - then this website is for you. One-click artist statements, for free.
An endless stream of doom, without all the specifics.

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