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cygnoir.net is a personal website that has existed in some form or another since May 1998. It is written and produced by me, Halsted, a/k/a Cygnoir. This is where I share my life and my interests online. But I still don’t call it a blog.
hi there, my name is ben & this is my tiny nook of the www. it’s a space for my written work, html codes, artwork & favourite links.
I study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, sing a little jazz, and make some art.
Parimal Satyal is a designer and occasional writer interested in aviation, cultural exchange, languages, science, computers, the open web and the European Union. Neustadt.fr is his personal website with his writing, music and links.
personal homepage of Marshall Moutenot
I'm still working on it. Slowly.
Pedro / Pete - He/Him - 1999 - Pastry chef, furry, musician - Queer
This is my wiki where I keep a loose collection of documents on the projects I work on, topics I'm researching or studying, and any notes on things I don't want to forget.
This is not a blog, this is a domain where I’m growing and sharing knowledge, ideas, and things I find interesting.
a website for words and ideas in small packages

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