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I went on a walk, starting at my front door, following the concrete flood channels of the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco, and ending at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains...
Meantime we shall express our darker purpose...
Art & Contemporary Imagery
Jack Sharp (1928-1992), born in Harrold, Bedfordshire, UK. Moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1955 to join CERN as an engineer and raise his family. Loved life, the outdoors and fully embraced anything he took interest in. Here are the works from his amateur photographer days.
ezine featuring bulletin boards, football, politics, useless games, Brixton info, panoramas, photo galleries, direct action, protest, rave, drugs info and more.
In-depth writing, music, photography, and art
A publication with a focus on the arts, photography and a less ordinary lifestyle. A space of hand-picked content which aims to incite the creative inside us all.
Explore your world through everyone’s eyes. loc.alize.us displays a massive amount of photos on a highly interactive world map. Explore photos from everyone’s places, selected topics or people you know.
I’m a geeky photographer, who toots & tweets. Maybe too much.
It’s all about movies, music, games, tech, photos, life & my family. It’s my posted life.

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