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a network of people and projects investigating new media in the practice of art
POSSIBLES welcomes works of art that stimulate change and transformation. Consult this repertoire to discover these exciting projects.
Showcasing creative coding projects
Jamie Crisman’s projects and occasionally updated blog
a place to be able to hold all of my digital memories, trinkets, personal web projects, and pixel adoptables
a small aggregate of projects, art, useful resources (some unique), and more perhaps
This is my wiki where I keep a loose collection of documents on the projects I work on, topics I'm researching or studying, and any notes on things I don't want to forget.
I'm Fred and this is my personal digital garden containing a loosely organized mélange of personal projects, research, musings and other assorted notes.
A simple color tool to help you find good color palettes for your web projects. This tools spits out modern CSS you can use right away in your projects.
See color palette inspiration on a real example website. As you click on different palettes every color on this site updates to give you context of how that color could be used for your design or illustration projects.

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