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Visit the post for more.out now: So Fi Zine is a space for experimental and creative social research. Submit short stories, poetry, visual art and other creative works.
Create colorful, collage-like blog posts
tilde.town is an intentional digital community for making art, socializing, and learning. Unlike many online spaces, users interact with tilde.town through a direct connection instead of a web site. This means using a tool called ssh and other text based tools.
Welcome to rawtext.club, an experimental community for socializing, digital skill building, and collaboration through the medium of the GNU/Linux shell.
Start a Conversation. Our mission is to advance the quality and impact of conversation.
gurlic is a platform for building free and open internet communities
Free peer-to-peer spatial audio environments, hang out together in a cozy corner of the internet.
Music lover, reader, tea drinker, film watcher, web dabbler. IndieWeb novice. Glasgow, Scotland. Annexe of my main site for social media stuff.
Ali Reza Hayati is a social activist, privacy advocate, and software libre adherent.
This site is a bit of an experiment, as well as a place to dump lots of random bits, asides, bookmarks, etc. that might otherwise be going into various social media platforms.

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