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🌱 A small project by Ben Moren: gardening, but with emojis and less time 🌿
your horror background noise generator
Synesthesia is an audiovisual experiment combining real-time graphics and audio to create graphic and musical phrases. Playable on your computer keyboard.
Faint Signals is an invitation to slow down. An opportunity to experience an imagined Yorkshire forest, densely populated with sounds of nature from the British Library’s archive.
Select any number of sounds to be mixed, using the sliders below each for volume control. Your settings will be saved on your device, and you need only click the play button to restore them.
Create your own podcast: find links to audio files on the Web; huffduff the links (add them to your podcast); subscribe to podcasts of other found sounds.
One Square Inch of Silence is very possibly the quietest place in the United States. It is an independent research project located in the Hoh Rain Forest of Olympic National Park, which is one of the most pristine, untouched, and ecologically diverse environments in the United States.
An audio and hypertext work about datasets, ghosts, bodies, corporate deep-fake technologies and surveillance.
Free peer-to-peer spatial audio environments, hang out together in a cozy corner of the internet.
Obsessed with TiddlyWiki, Bullet Journaling, music, analog audio, synthesizers, Obsidian, and film photography.

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