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The blue thesaurus generates synonyms using a machine learning algorithm that was trained on a corpus of liberal-leaning texts. The red thesaurus generates synonyms using the same machine learning algorithm that was trained on a corpus of conservative-leaning texts.
Select websites, tools, assets, and readings for working in and learning about design.
NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design 2019
Quiz Game for Learning Electronic Dance Music Genres. How High Can You Score?
Oat the Goat helps you talk to the children in your classroom about the choices they have when they see someone being bullied. Discover the interactive story now.
A platform for anti-racist education with a Scottish perspective. A learning tool for raising racial consciousness. A safe space for engaging in critical reflections and discussions on race and education.
a hub for learning through play
tilde.town is an intentional digital community for making art, socializing, and learning. Unlike many online spaces, users interact with tilde.town through a direct connection instead of a web site. This means using a tool called ssh and other text based tools.
This website is here to educate the public about the practice of machine learning as data hungry behemoth that can only exist, because researchers and companies scrape data from the web.

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