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Dwitter is a social network for building and sharing visual javascript demos limited to 140 characters. See the impressive creations crammed into so few characters, and play around with your own code!
Home of old school blogging and blogrolls. Welcome back to the *real* web! Here you'll find a curated blogroll of personal blogs and articles on small blogging.
Sharing thoughts on technology, beer, coffee and whatever else comes to mind.
The Wandering Lensman is a blog about the passion of photography, sharing images as well as thoughts about life, travel, living, etc.
This blog is my personal journey toward becoming a better person. A better husband, father, friend, and chaser of dreams. By sharing that journey I hope to connect with other people taking a similar path, whether it is through provoking thought, discussion in the comments, or just relating to my words.
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄ Autodidact. Sharing thoughts on Free software, online privacy, Football, Rock music, Philosophy, Classic novels and documenting life.
This is not a blog, this is a domain where I’m growing and sharing knowledge, ideas, and things I find interesting.
Federated Image Sharing - PixelFed is an activity pub based image sharing platform.
a platform for sharing the lesser-known history of the people, places and events that shaped modern day graphic design
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